Remedial Massage


Remedial massage is a more clinical approach to identifying muscle dysfunction, and planning an effective massage treatment plan.    Remedial massage can include sports massage techniques such as joint loosening and stretching, muscle testing and assessment. Massage techniques used may include a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, and Emmett Technique.

Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massage is Swedish massage combined with techniques designed to influence deep tissue. Great for tight muscles and for general fatigue and muscle pain. Techniques may be concentrated to specific regions of the body and where trigger points have developed. Generally you will feel a firmer pressure when deep tissue techniques are applied.

Sports Massage


 Not just for the professional sports person or amateur enthusiast.  Swedish and deep tissue massage and the Emmett Technique may all be used, and techniques such as joint loosening and stretching, muscle testing and assessment may be employed. Muscle tightness, muscle atrophy, tears, sprains and loss of joint range of motion may be assisted toward recovery unless there is structural damage.

The Emmett Technique


Tracey at Life Energy Remedial Massage in Toowoomba is a qualified Emmett Practitioner.  The Emmett Technique is a very gentle muscle release therapy based on the understanding of the body's response to light touch.  It uses precise application on specific activation points.  Tracey will normally incorporate the EMMETT Technique within remedial treatments.

Relaxation (Swedish) Massage


Swedish or relaxation massage may promote healthy circulation, lower blood pressure, move lymph and flush metabolic waste.  It's great for tired, stressed muscles and emotions.  This is generally a more gentle and slower massage compared to remedial.   Note that you cannot usually claim a health rebate with this treatment. 

Pregnancy Massage


Tracey has a Certificate in Pregnancy Massage, completed with Catherine McInerney of Pregnancy Massage Australia.   Pregnancy massage incorporates techniques for relieving common issues in pregnancy, including back, shoulder, hip, pelvic girdle and leg pains, cramps and aches, common in pregnancy.  The techniques are the result of many years of study into the emotional and physical changes undergone by mothers-to-be.

Myofascial Cupping Technique


David Sheehan developed this technique in 2002 and it differs greatly from traditional cupping methods. The cups are not left in a stationary position for long periods. During most of the treatment the cups are mobile over your body, designed to feel almost like normal massage, and bruising if any, is minimal.  Cups are used to draw the soft tissue upwards, away from underlying structures. The aim is to increase flexibility through reducing areas of adhesion (myofascial trigger points).  Recent scarring may even benefit from stimulating the fascia and increasing blood and lymph flow and encouraging cell regeneration.  Just like other methods used to increase range of movement and reduce adhesion, Tracey offers cupping as an optional part of her remedial treatments.

Stone Massage

About Stone Therapy


 Our hot basalt and cold marble stones combined with massage, influence the vascular (blood) system of your body. Hot stones will dilate your blood vessels, and cold stones will cause them to narrow (vasoconstriction). Working in tandem, this creates a pumping effect on your vascular system, and increases blood and oxygen flow to your body. It is thought that this process helps to release toxins and reduce pain in the body, and encourage repair of damaged cells by bringing fresh blood and nutrients to the area.

Remedial Stone Therapy


Not your normal hot stone massage.

This treatment uses the benefits of hot and cold stones, combined with remedial techniques. These can include muscle testing and assessment techniques to target specific muscle dysfunction. The stones are used in combination with Swedish and deep tissue massage. Other techniques that may be employed include sports massage and the Emmett Technique.  Of the types of massage using stone, this is generally more energising and the focus is on remedial work.

Hahana Stone Massage


Using the benefits of both massage, and heat and cold from the stones, Hahana Stone Massage increases blood circulation, and increases lymph circulation while producing a mild detoxification effect.  With the treatment designed to feel like water rolling over your body, this is generally a deeply relaxing experience.

Note that you cannot usually claim a health rebate with this treatment.